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Book Consult

45 - 60 minutes session ($100)

Who should book a consult?


  • You want to explore and learn about Agile as a career or confused with the different "types" of agile.

  • You are implementing Agile in your office and have questions. It is not going as expected.  You are looking for some expert guidance.

  • You are looking for an expert to come in and assess the situation in house.  You are not clear about where your organization is on the Agile journey.

  • Your team is doing Agile, but you know something is not right.  You want it done correctly so you can maximize your investment and get the results you know are possible.

What can I expect from a consult?​


  • You will get to explain your situation as you see it. What challenges are you facing?

  • We will probe with some questions and provide some insight based on our experience.

  • We will give you some suggestions on what we think is the proper strategy to take.

  • We will email you a report within 7 days to give you some guidance for next steps and suggest followup steps we recommend.

We will be in touch shortly!

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